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by Javier X


My project is a simplified version of the Word Guessing game proposed. There is only one word to be guessed: SECRET. The user is invited to enter one letter at a time. He or she is commiserated upon the eighth wrong guess or congratulated upon finding the right answer otherwise. Both events bring the game to an end. The user is informed of whether each guess is right or wrong, as well as of the number of guesses left, and of how the word looks like once he or she has guessed any letter appearing in the word. The program converts lower case into upper case, making the game no case-sensitive and helping the user along. The user also finds additional help when entering more than one letter, provided they all belong with the word to be guessed. This does not count either as right or wrong. The user can also repeat any right guess freely. On the other hand, a digit and every repetition of a digit or of a letter not appearing in the word counts as wrong. Characters different from letters or digits, as well as white spaces, are irrelevant. This is not a kind gesture to the user, but a limitation of the coder.