MG CS106A Final Project 5 25 20

by Matt G


In its current form, this VERY BASIC program works with COVID-19 data from five countries and allows the user to access data based on choosing which country he/she would like to see data about. *** NEXT STEPS: (1) Provide access to all the files, likely using the OS module; (2) Include a date with each day; (3) Data manipulation: Work with Numpy and Pandas to perform further/more detailed data manipulation such as cross country comparisons based on certain data points related to 'confirmed cases' or 'country with the day of the most confirmed cases', etc.; (4) Data visualization: Work with Matplotlib to plot the data and hopefully create some useful/interesting charts/graphs for the purposes of storytelling (maybe); and (5) Further decompose the program - likely related to #1 above - to simplify/refactor the code to make it more efficient and easier to read. *** LAST BUT NOT LEAST: THANK YOU CS106A!!! What an awesome, kick-ass, amazing and super-fun experience this has been. Really can't say thank you enough! Everyone that contributed their time, energy and effort to this has my infinite gratitude - and that is an understatement.