Flappy Karel (Stanford - Code in Place 2020)

by Shanika B


I am uploading three projects. Flappy Karel: It is a game in which Karel has to pass through the space between the poles, without hitting the poles. If Karel hits the pole, the game is stopped and the Score, the number of poles successfully crossed, is given at the end. Win, if you can: A game which involves a ball and two paddles, one for the Computer and other for the player.Try to keep hitting the ball with the paddle, without dropping it down and the one who misses the ball, losses. The computer never losses. In the end, the time for which the player could play against the computer, is shown 'Timetable_creator: It is a program coded for teachers or anyone who wants to create a schedule for a day or week.It creates a schedule for you busing the details that has been asked.