Hangman game

by Maggie X


This program emulates the word game "Hangman". The player interacts with the game via GUI. The game first allows the player to choose a level of difficulty - GRE vocabularies. The player can use either the mouse or the keyboard to play. You can choose to look at the definition for the word as a hint. If you hit the "Enter" key without typing anything or accidentally types more than one letter, a reminder will be showed on screen. Once the letter has been used, the corresponding letter-button will be disabled; The color of letters are randomly generated, so you will see different colors each round. If you accidentally typed a used letter, a reminder will be shown on screen. After one round, a message box will pop up and ask if you want to continue the game. If you click "Yes" or hit "Enter", the game will be reset, but scores will be cumulative; If you click "No", the window will be closed.