Project 1096

by Kuba F


Hi, I attempted to go with brick-breaker project as my own one was too complicated for me to finish (brick breaker seems to be similar). I wanted to create an image filter which would get a picture as an input and transfer it to fractal - Sierpinski Triangle. I will do it on a later date because I am not giving up on it. My programming and Python knowledge was on a level minus 100 before Code In Place. Deadline is due and my I attempt with brick-breaker game is not finished in the sense that I was not able yet to put a lives counter on it and it quits when ball hits the bottom. I will be working on it in next coming days and probably few weeks so I will make it as I want to be. I never give up. In this short message I wanted to thank all of you, it is such a great initiative and I want you to know that you enriched so many lives - including mine. Coding endeavour begins. Code in place thought me great deal of respect to software engineers; it is not simple. And to explain it to others and make it simple is a mastery of a craft. Kudos to our teachers and group leaders. Thank you all for that! All the best! Kuba