Project 1080

by Robert S


I have a medical education letter that I would like to submit to the journal Medical Teacher. Unfortunately at this time the journal are not accepting letters, but will be in the future at an unspecified time. I have made a web scraper to log into my account on the journal website, check to see if the text discussing the non-acceptance of letters is still there, and if it is not then python will email me telling me it is time to submit my letter.I had intended on setting this up to run daily using Windows scheduler so that I can submit as soon as it is possible, but as I found out today the Cookies and Headers required to log in are not constant so there is some manual adjusting of the login process to be done - or some coding to be done to set this up to run automatically. There isn't that much visually impressive about final project and the code has two sets of passwords in (gmail and journal login) so I don't really want to upload it, but I do want to say thank you for a fantastic course - its been excellent and you've been very generous with your time! I've learnt lots of skills, and have other ideas for the application of these - for instance I am going to adapt this webscraper to help me buy tickets to sold out gigs by informing me when someone sells a ticket back to the website and it becomes available to buy!