WordGuess - Stanford Code In Place Python Final Project

by Poonam A


My project is the standard project - word guessing game. 1. It reads a file from the disk and creates a list of the words. 2. Randomly selects a word for guessing. 3. Shows the user how many letters are there in the secret word by displaying '-'. 4. Gives the user 8 chances to guess the word. 5. If the user enters a correct letter then the chances are not deducted. 6. If the user enters more than one characters the program reminds the user to enter only one letter and does not deduct the chances. 7. Upon successful completion of guessing within 8 chances the program informs the user that they have won and asks if he wants to play again or exit. 8. If the user was not able to successfully guess the word, the program informs the user that he has lost and asks if he wants to try again or exit the game.