T20 Instant Console Cricket project demo (REPL code link in description)

by Monish M


My project is T20 Instant Console Cricket, it draws inspiration from the game of book cricket which is a multiplayer game wherein each player opens random pages of a notebook, dictionary, or any other book and randomly open pages each time taking the last digit no of each page and then based on a predefined scale (see:(https://www.instructables.com/id/Class-Time-Games-Cricket-and-Join-Dots/) runs are assigned till he/she loses all 10 wickets, here winner of toss gets to do this flipping pages or "batting" first. The primary modifications in this project that make it differ from book cricket are the use of random numbers rather than flipping pages, reduction in range to 0 to 6 rather 9 and restriction to fixed 120 balls rather than going on batting till all 10 wickets are down, etc. the primary difficulty in this project was accurate problem formulation and accurate mapping&modifications of the various real-world cricket rules to python ensuring its suitability in the virtual console environment and so accordingly code can be written as per those modifications/constraints.