Ackerman Geometry - Iterations using Python

by Ayush Srivastav


I want to submit two projects, the first one is my official submission and the second one is an idea I am working on (I am not sure yet how to progress further with this idea and what tools I can use). I have recreated the "Snake Game" which came preinstalled on every NOKIA handset in 90s, I used to play this game as I kid; I have used the python coding skills I have learned in Code in Place and a python library pygame to create this game. I have used SOLIDWORKS to create an Ackerman steering geometry for a BAJA buggy and am using python to calculate the Ackerman Percentage. The future of this project will be to automate SOLIDWORKS using python to perform the iterations on the Ackerman geometry to find the optimal dimensions to get a perfect Ackerman.