Code in Place Final Project (CS106A)

by Abhimanyu A


This is a financial planning application, that is intended to help the user in planning her financial resources and in effective budgeting, particularly when there is an intermediate-term objective with regard to savings. Given a fixed monthly income, the program expects the user to enter expenditure details across different categories over the course of the month(s). At the end of every month, the program visually displays to the user the expenditure patterns—how they evolved over the duration over the course of the preceding month as well as shares across the different categories. Additionally, the user also receives information in the terminal on total expenditure incurred over the month, and the generated savings. Based on accumulated savings, the user is also informed in case the savings target is achieved or the shortfall, as the case may be. All data is saved at the back-end (may be referred to for re-verification or for hard-coding etc.)