data-BASE | Final Project | Code In Place 2020 | Rajesh D

by Rajesh D


data-BASE is the program which allows user to Register and Login(And stores the Usernames and Passwords using "Files") to use the Services like Storing Data(like Phone Book,Money Data etc.,) and they can add or receive data whenever they run the program and logins using their Password. One of the main drivers for obesity is increasing amount of sugar in foods, which is a result of vicious circle: producers can sell more sugary food better, and consumers like it and develop their taste of more and more sweet produce. Kids are under the biggest risk since their impulsive purchases at this moment are not stopped/controlled by data. For example, many kids start to learn fractions only in grade 4-5 but they do shopping much earlier. So, the fact that a product's packaging shows 18% of sugar does not actually ring a bell for them. The SugarCat helps to make a visual representation of the sugar in the product, so that kids could: 1) measure, 2) see and then hopefully decide better.