Code in Place Final Project - Puppypalooza Growth Rate Charts

by cardinalaura in KS


For my Code in Place final project I decided to make a tool that would help me take care of newborn puppies. Every once in a while, my family enjoys raising German Shepherd puppies from our two dogs, so I have kept a spreadsheet of the puppies's weights and weight changes over time so we can keep an eye on puppies if their growth rate dips below average. Since I have found it hard to keep track of their rate of growth relative to their previous growth rates and to each other from a mass of spreadsheet numbers, I decided to make a program that would display just their growth rates in bar graphs. Weights for a specific date can be typed in to the linked Google spreadsheet, and as soon as there are at least two weights entered for a puppy, running the Python program will produce bar graphs showing each puppy's growth rates over time, from birth up to 8 weeks old. Uses a modified version of the code from Google API that allows you to pull google spreadsheets (.gsheet) into a python program as a dictionary. IMPORTANT: Must do Steps 1 & 2 of instructions found at first for code to work.