Stanford Code In Place Final Project

by Frank S


To all the wonderful teachers of Stanford Code in Place, thank you so much for teaching me the technical skills required to prepare the following Final Project. My video is a demonstration of a small visual risk structuring application that utilizes graphical objects and animation methods to model a program for placing high-value risks such as property catastrophe, pandemic, cyber liability, space & aviation, etc. The demo summaries the following 4 milestones: 1. User adds Tower data describing the whole program, and the program auto-scales and displays a tower modeling this program. 2. User adds Coverage data for each individual Coverage to be included in the Tower, and the program positions each Coverage within the Tower. 3. Program introduces color coding of the Coverages to differentiate by Coverage Type (e.g., transaction class). 4. Program utilizes a simple algorithm and animation routine to remove Coverage overlaps within the Tower. My video can be found at the following YouTube URL: