Code In Place 2020 Final Project_ Covid Pong Game

by Zoom L


When the users plays WordGuess, the computer first selects a secret word at random from a list built into the program. The program then prints out a row of dashes—one for each letter in the secret word and asks the user to guess a letter. If the user guesses a letter that is in the word, the word is redisplayed with all instances of that letter shown in the correct positions, along with any letters correctly guessed on previous turns. If the letter does not appear in the word, the user is charged with an incorrect guess. The user keeps guessing letters until either (1) the user has correctly guessed all the letters in the word or (2) the user has made eight incorrect guesses. Covid Pong: The user uses the mouse to control the paddle on the creen. When the ball hits the paddle it will bounce back in the opposite direction. When the ball hits Covid-19 wall, it will bounce again. The game continue until the ball hits the ground( bottom of the screen). Karel comes home animation: During the pandemic, karel practiced social distancing by jumping over simbas. He also shared a lot of value and helped simbas recover from the virus . When he comes back to Stanford, he received a lot of compliments from Prof. Mehran and Chris. He was a hero of the time.