Python Adventure Game

by Susan E


Granddaughter on an adventure game: Steps for my project: 1. Took a picture of child in field and adjusted green area to be really green. 2. Used green screen to put her in various scenes, by first resizing the scenes to be as big as original picture. 3. Put scenes in two lists, one for quiet places and one for big cities. 4. Used a loop to go through the various scenes. I will later add a random value so it will be a surprise, each time we play. 5. Used a While True loop to ask for input on where she would like to go- a quiet place or a big city. 6. Ended with a break choice and then showed her going through the fields to back to our house for a visit. Enhancements for later this week: Hope to color the text, make the scenes random and use more parameters to make the code easier to read! The youtube link is : It was so much of a joy to take this class. I have been in children's ministry and substitute teaching for many years, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I loved every minute of the lectures, section times and trying to solve these problems!! Thank you so very much!! Susan Eldridge Springfield, MO