Green Screen - cat walking on water!

by June C


Green Screen - cat walking on water! This is a green screen Python program to put cat Sabrina onto the smaller background image of Crater Lake. Sabrina is teleported to Crater Lake and she is walking on water! Brick Breaker Game: This game consists of up to 3 runs. On each run, a ball is launched from the center of the window at a random angle. The ball bounces off the paddle, the walls, and bricks. If the ball collides with bricks, remove all bricks in collision. -The ball bounces differently depending on where it hits the paddle. -The run ends if the ball has missed the paddle or collided with paddle sideways. -The player wins and the game ends immediately when all bricks are removed. Word Guessing Game This is a console game written in Python. It reads a file and randomly select a secret word from the file. The player will guess one letter of the word at a time. The player wins if the player has guessed correctly all letters in the word before making 8 incorrect guesses.