Computing Your GPA for a UC California School

by Terri B


Parents and their kids will have their hands full completing the deep UC application and figuring out where to apply so I designed this program to help calculate their GPA. This program determines your weighted GPA for UC California eligibility. You will need to enter at least 15 required A-G courses between the summer after 9th grade through the summer after 11th grade. Honors, AP, and college- level courses earn one extra point providing your grade is a ā€œCā€ or higher. The program calculates GPA for both in-state and out of state residents. Out-of-state residents do not receive an extra point for Honors courses. You need to enter at least one semester to compute a GPA. If you make a mistake and want to start over press "Q" and Enter. I realized after I did this that there was too much data entry required. It should be a simple form but I did not know how to create that. Thanks in advance for your input!