Announcing Code in Place:
Community-service coding education in the time of Covid-19

Code in place has run out of space! We were expecting hundreds, maybe as many as a thousand students. But people had a great time programming Karel, told their friends and we had an astounding 80,000 people started an application. This is a community service project that we are doing on top of our day jobs. As such we could only support a small fraction of how many we would have liked. If you haven't received an email, we didn't have space, and the email might have bounced. Thank you for your time to complete the application. We wish you the best on your coding journey.
Why did you have to limit enrollment? This is something run by volunteers, and we have finite time.
Be well and be kind. If you got excited to learn to code, know that there are a lot of free open-access options out there. One such course, CS50x, starts today and they have been around for a while and are already at the point where they can support unlimited learners! We hope to add to this community of free material next month, but we ask for your patience.